Why are you here? – Yoga For BJJ Store

Why are you here?

Why are you even browsing this Yoga For BJJ Clothing Store? Because the Yoga for BJJ product has done something for you? Through the intelligence of the cross training of the Yoga (which includes stretching mobility, flexibility, breathing, etc) - you have found countless benefits. 

For some people the benefits have gone as far as not just protecting their Jiu-Jitsu career but allowing them to come back onto those mats at all. 

These are just a few reasons why you may be browsing the store. Maybe it's for some cool swag, maybe it's to become 7% more flexible wearing the products, or maybe it's to share the good news of Yoga For BJJ (because, with great power comes great responsibility). 

Or maybe, your just an obsessive online shopper. 

Either way, it is very interesting to look inside of ourselves and ask the question to raise the awareness of 'why am I doing what I am doing right now?' 'Why do I like doing this?' 'What are the benefits of this?'

We are commonly aware of WHAT we are doing, but can easily miss the WHY. 

This can be in any area of our life. 

I can tell you WHY we do WHAT we do. To improve lives. To allow people to enjoy Jiu-Jitsu for longer. To prevent injuries. Simply put. To make the sport we do, better.