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Yoga For BJJ Clothing

Why did we create this store? To provide you the opportunity to wear Yoga For BJJ shirts, shorts, rashguards, tanks, hoodies and so much more. 

It is about being proud of what we do, why we do it, and how we do it

What does Yoga for BJJ do? Yoga for BJJ has helped so many people in their Jiu-Jitsu journey (on and off the mats), we are so excited for the opportunity to proudly rep them. Not to mention enjoy some quality swag while we are at it. 

Why does Yoga for BJJ do it? We work so hard at Yoga for BJJ with the goal to improve people's Jiu-Jitsu journey. Increasing mobility, flexibility and even potentially preventing injuries. We want our fellow Jiu-Jitsu athletes to enjoy their journey more, and have the ability to train for longer. For us, it is about quality and quantity. 

How does Yoga for BJJ do it? By putting together stretching complimented by mobility, topped up with balance and maybe even some strength. In Jiu-Jitsu we are constantly using, re-using, and over-using muscles. We all know too much of one thing (even if it's a good thing!) is not good.  Yoga for BJJ allows us to counterbalance all the work we do on the mats. Allowing our bodies to do the opposite of what do when we are in the gi, while at the same time complimenting what we do in the gi. 

How could we not get excited about that?

We proudly display all types of Yoga for BJJ Clothing, from the traditional logo to new designers created by our own designers ourselves.