Rashguard || Unisex || Yoga For BJJ || Black – Yoga For BJJ Store
Rashguard || Unisex || Yoga For BJJ || Black
Rashguard || Unisex || Yoga For BJJ || Black

Rashguard || Unisex || Yoga For BJJ || Black

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Belted collection šŸ„‹ ā¬›ā¬›ā¬›ā¬›šŸŸ„ā¬›
This rashguard is part of our belted collection.
Some tournaments and academies require you wear a rashguard the colour of your belt. Or maybe it's as simple as, you just want to wear a rasguard the colour of your belt!

Now you can where the rashguard representing the colour of your belt, AND rep Yoga For BJJ! šŸ„‹ šŸ§˜

Or maybe, you just simply like the colour and want to wear it as your new favourite piece of clothing, we won't judge. We do the same thing (and yes, this rashguard does make you 4% more flexible!)

ā€¢ When you get promoted we ask you continue to wear this rashguard. This rashguards sole purpose in life is to be worn on those Jiu Jitsu mats! Make sure to fulfill it!

ā€¢ 82% polyester, 18% spandex
ā€¢ Very soft four-way stretch fabric that stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains
ā€¢ 38ā€“40 UPF
ā€¢ Comfortable longer body and sleeves
ā€¢ Flat seam and coverstitch